Monday, June 17, 2013

We All Have Our Dorky Quirks?

To put it quite simply, I'm a dork. I'm fascinated by history to the point where I have a "favorite" disaster. That's a really strange way to word it, but hopefully you understand where I'm going. When I was nine, my parents took me to a museum in Liverpool that sparked my interest like crazy. Since I wasn't allowed to watch Titanic as a child, I loved the historical aspects and numbers. Now that I'm an adult I have officially seen Titanic one and a half times. The half time being last night, and understandably, I was exhausted before I could finish. Anyways, for those of you wondering, here are some dorky and sometimes unbelievable facts about the Titanic. 

Titanic by the Numbers
Infographic by Visual News

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  1. I've always been a little obsessed with Titanic too. I remember reading books about it before the movie, and was so excited when it finally came out. I'm pretty sure I actually saw it in theaters 3 times, plus once more when it was out in 3-D last year. So I completely get it!


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