Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas in October

Yes, I'm slightly late on posting this, especially since this shindig went down a week ago. Essentially, I love Christmas. I listen to Christmas music 3 months early, buy everyone's presents months in advance, and wish for snow all year long. Since these things tend to get silly looks when I do it alone, my family offered to help this year! We sat down Saturday night (yes, before Halloween), made cookies, turned on Elf, got the hot chocolate going, and decorated our Christmas tree!

Here's all my pretty ornaments I got 90% off last year at Target!

Here's my sister and our delicious cookies:

Here's boyfriend and I faking it for the picture, as always:

Here's my dad and I posing like Superman in front of the tree. We're kinda dorks.

My entire family:

And the finished, beautiful tree (that I got for $10!):
And the sad thing is, we probably won't take it down until far often New Year's. It's just hard not to love Christmas! Anyone else who just can't wait through Halloween for Christmas spirit?


  1. Oh I am all about some Christmas cheer! I love the holiday season and I'm so excited to put up our tree including the ornaments I got on clearance at Target (they had the best clearance deals, didn't they?! =))

  2. I most definitely agree with you on this one! Halfway through November I'm already planning my Christmas tree colorscheme.


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