Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Finds!

Can we please all agree that Black Friday is one of the most fantastic days of the year? If you're not getting trampled, pepper sprayed, or cursed at, it can be a pretty fun experience!
Boyfriend and I went this year, and we decided to start at WalMart for their 10pm sale on Thanksgiving. We get there around 7 and some employees have no choice but to let people in their prohibited sale sections. We end up getting most of the things on our list by 8! And the people were just so nice! While waiting for the last few displays to open, I actually made pacts with a few strangers I met. And it worked. I found things for them and they found things for me. Even boyfriend got to speak to a few of the other reluctant males. I'm not used to that in my Ohio Black Friday experiences.
My favorite finds from WalMart? A sewing machine (I've never sewed a stitch in my life), a griddle, a waffle maker, and Big Bang Theory Season 4 (not just grown up things!).

Around 11:00 we made our way to Target, the most disorganized organization I've ever seen! They decide around 11:30 to start letting groups of about 50 people in at a time. Seeing how we're at the back of the line, it was pretty horrid. We had to wait a half hour after the doors were actually open to get in the store! Once we were in the store, there were forced paths leading you through the busiest parts of the store, and I finally just had to break it. I snuck off in the madness that was toys and found my way to DVDs for Modern Family seasons 1 and 2. (There were no blu rays on sale!) Electronics were blocked off and people were waiting in a ridiculous line just to get in and we just figured it wasn't worth it.
I ended up finding a really cute plaid shirt I've wanted for awhile now and a "Grandpa cardigan." By far the cutest sweater I've ever owned.

I made a few other small crafty runs this morning. I got some fun fabrics, a cricut cartridge for $25, 10 canvases, scrapbooking storage, all kinds of things! Absolutely beautiful deals.

Now that I've got my sewing machine and a few things to experiment on, I can only hope for more fun and more frequent posts for yall! I hope yall keep checking in regularly and have a fantastic rest of the holiday weekend. :)


  1. That would bother me if I finally got in and then couldn't even go to the actual section I wanted. What a pain. =( Sorry your trip didn't go better.


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