Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Maxi Dresses are not an Effective Way to Stay Warm

I just moved to Ohio this winter. And it's one of the coldest winters in history. In fact, we're only 2 inches away from breaking our record of snowfall.
Last winter, I lived in Louisiana.
You can see where I could easily get confused. I had to buy a great big jacket. I had to buy (more) sweaters. I had to buy boots. It was a cold (and expensive) winter. So when I saw Wet Seal had maxi dresses for $10, I though "Hmm, this might be another way to keep warm. It'd cover my legs!"
Well when it got here, it turned out the entire thing was made of chiffon, and only had a tiny skirt of actual material. But again, I don't understand weather. The day it came, it was supposed to be "warmer" outside, so I figured I'd try it. Without a jacket. Without leggings or a slip. With wind blowing.
So while it might have looked super cute (or at least I'd like to think so), I was SO cold. I mean just look at all that snow on the ground.

Let's just say though, I was much more comfortable when I was inside snuggled with the puppy.

What's the biggest fashion mistake you've made in freezing temperatures? Hopefully I'm not the only one with these kind of stories.

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  1. yeah, I have also experienced that skirts without leggings or tights aren't very warm if you are out for very long at all. I am also from Louisiana, but live in Kentucky now.


    1. What part of Louisiana? I lived in/around Baton Rouge for about 10 years!

  2. haha!! Oh man, I live in Michigan and these days I don't mess around when it comes to dressing for the weather, it's been so bad here. Still, when it gets closer to spring I start rebelling and wearing t-shirts when the weather really doesn't call for it.


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